A small panda bear fell off the stage of Chengdu research base of the giant panda in China, where they showed the 23 cubs born this 2016, last 29 September.

Reteurs is an international news agency, very famous around the world, and its mission is to capture the most important moments in history. This, of course, with the help of photographers from around the world.

The completion of 2016 is to celebrate, and Reteurs has published the most importnates, iconic and powerful photos of the year. From the presidential election to the Rio Olympics, these renowned photographers have captured everything. So keep going down and be amazed with these 15 pictures.

1. Little panda bear falling from the stage

Bjorn, 5, smiles as he poses with some owl butterflies, during an exhibition at the Natural History Museum. 2. Owl Butterfly


Dairy Cows doing mimes a cat while waiting be milked on a farm in Quebec, Canada, on July 26. 3. motherly Cows


plane by remote control as witch flying Encinitas, California, at sunset, on October 31. 4. A witch through the air


Nikki Hamblin, New Zealand, stop running to help his American rival, Abbey D’Agostino, after suffering a cramp in the 5000 meters race at the Olympics in Rio, on August 16. 5. The moment Rio


One member of the audience, Robin Roy, reacts this way when Donald Trump receives at a rally of the campaign in Lowell, Massachusetts on January 4, 2016. 6. Bigotry in support of Trump


Man Business observing the full bloom of cherry trees in Tokyo, Japan, April 1. 7. zen Man Business


Horses looking out the window of his stable near Pontoiraklia, Greece, on May 27. 8. wanted to say “hello”


Reshma Qureshi, Indian model and survivor of an acid attack, is made up before going out to march to show the Spring / Summer collection of designer Archana Kochhar, at Fashion Week in New York, in Manhattan , On 8 September. 9. Role model


People walking along the scenic walkway Zhangjiajie, China, on August 1. 10. Panorama in China


mongoose playing with a Halloween pumpkin at the zoo in Chongqing, China, on October 29. 11. Amiguito playful


AOOD Elghobashy, Egypt; And Kira Walkenhorst of Germany compete in a beach volleyball game at the Rio Olympics on August 7. 12. Another great moment in the Olympic Games in Rio


Man carrying bread to her mother ‘s house flooded after heavy rain near Orleans, France, on June 1. 13. supplier Man


A baboon, 23 days, playing with a stuffed animal in the zoo “Sri Chamarajendra” after being abandoned by his mother at birth, in Mysuru, India, on April 28.14. Tender friends 14

15. Demonstrations in Chile
15Protester looking at a riot police during protests on September 11 in Santiago, Chile, recalling the 1973 military coup says the photograph was for you the best of this 2016