Being a mother – hard work. We both maids, cooks, doctors, animators and many who have. We put the interests of others higher than their own, and often forget to take care of themselves. Nevertheless, in spite of all the chaos and madness of motherhood, there are thirteen things that we, as mothers, should immediately stop doing:

1. Criticize other moms
we all make the best of what we can; you make the best of what you can. Just remember this, and let’s stop “Mamochkin war.”

2. Sravanivat yourself with others
You, yes, you – who just jealous mummy blogger, and I wanted you to have her life. Do not do this. We all have our own personal battle and victory – so enjoy her! Do not compare.

3. Forgetting to take care of yourself
You are very significant, even if sometimes (especially when you’re mired in the home), you start to think that this is not so. So go for a haircut, shave legs and hang out with friends; you deserve it.

4. To be ashamed of her body.
Throw viewed with suspicion in the mirror every bit of his body. You are beautiful, strong, and you mom – dance!

5. Buy all children
Ask yourself how many times you went to the store to buy a shirt, and come out of there with 5 new items of clothing for your baby, not buying anything for yourself? Yes, we know. Buy already imagine this unfortunate shirt! Believe in your baby has enough clothes.

6. Testing guilt
guilt because you’re a bad mother, that’s the worst, what you can spend your time. Forget it. Remember: we are doing everything we can, we should not feel guilty.

7. Apologize for mess at home
How many times have you said, “Do not worry about the mess in the apartment!” I do not have enough fingers to count how many times I said that phrase. Think about it: we all say it, so that we have all the toys on the floor and dishes in the sink. This is one of the inevitable “bonuses” that you mom. Once you’re even going to miss these times. It is impossible to grasp the immensity – so just throw it to ask for forgiveness.

8. To be ashamed of what you want to be alone
set aside an hour for yourself – this is normal. Your husband, relative, nanny, or someone you trust who can be with the kids this time. No measles myself for it, just enjoy YOUR time and rest!

9. Thinking that others-all turns out!
Do not we, too, does not work, honestly.

10. Postpone your dreams for later
It may seem difficult, almost impossible, when you have a child (or children), but you know what? You can do it. Follow your dreams, to achieve their goals, including a child, and in their plans right now.

11. Be your own worst critic
Do not be so hard on yourself. Do not worry about your hair, your home or your teaching abilities – just enjoy life. You are amazing, and you’re doing a lot better than you think, so stop focusing on the negative! Take a break.

12. Take all the
Do not be afraid to ask for help, just ask! You’re not a superhero (or at least as much as we would all like them to be). Do you need help again, so just ask for it. Puzzled by people around you and do not try to do everything at once.

13. Worry about every little detail
you remember what you care so much in the last month? As a result, all somehow happened, is not it? And if not – this is normal. Testing is due to this stress – it means to make yourself worse. Moral: Stress only exacerbates the situation. So let’s just say goodbye to them.

Author: Jesse Oaks, mom and fashion blogger

Source: familyshare.com