List of most-animated films, not counting “The Simpsons.” From the most scandalous to the authentic, fantastic and psychedelic cartoon.

1. The most evil – “Futurama”
Author Matt Groening, first show 1999-2003
Simpsons creator Matt Groening has frozen very stupid peddler pizza Philip J. Fry the eve of the new 2000 to bring it back to life on the eve of the new 3000. By this time, the earth along with the people inhabited the mutants and robots. The latter are required to socially vulnerable minority in any decent society. On pyatitysechedollarovoy banknote depicts Emperor moon Al Gore – the same man who “invented the environment,” and called to defend it in his famous best-selling book “Harry Potter and the balance of the Earth.” As loves Groening, the cartoon voiced by Al Gore Al Gore present – author of the book “Earth Balance” (without Harry Potter).

The “Futurama” more nearly fairly obscene jokes than in “The Simpsons.” Type the wishes of the robot to be kissed in the “iron polished ass”, but really funny it do not they, but quite subtle sharpness for “those who understand” – about Maykrasoft, New Jersey and “rummeytstvo” (ie rent rooms on shares) as a public institution. Fox American channel began to show “Futurama” in 1999. In 2003, the show closed. And in one of the first seasons of “The Simpsons” character referred to as “Teenager with broken voice,” commits suicide by jumping into the abyss with a cry: “Why did they shut down” Futurama “?”

2. The most socialist – “Well, wait!”
Directed by Vyacheslav Kotenochkin Alexei Kotenochkin, 1969-1993, 2005
Our answer to Disney’s epic about Tom and Jerry (later and more congruent “Leopold the Cat” is not considered). And indeed – our response around anything. Classic director issues Kotenochkin scenario Hite and Courland today laugh and make children and adults. The soundtrack of the series with all base smears considered music encyclopedia stagnation. Tango “snip snip that” the wolf and the hare, the song is about the fact that “my best gift – it’s you”, have the status of absolute evergreens. In the seventies, when reading between the lines was common, between frames, “Well, wait a minute,” we saw a lot of allusions to the imperfection of the Soviet society. The senselessness of the eternal bustle cartoon characters seemed a metaphor whirl klaustrofobichnoy soviet life. Besides the typical dude, “mold”, “drone” and bully Wolf has always remained attractive Bole than exemplary hare.

3. The most psychedelic – “Yellow Submarine”
Directed by George Dunning 1968

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The full-length cartoon Beatles, released in 1968, was, is and will remain classic psychedelia. Not only because the scenery happy Pepperland, which must protect John, Paul, George and Ringo, obviously taken out happy, but not innocent hallucinations. Not only because at the crucial moment, John takes the song “Lucy in the sky with diamonds”, that even if you do not encrypt LSD abbreviation in its name (although, of course, encrypts), then, in any case, offers to see the world painted in amphetamine colors. And mainly because in this film Connect audio and image in itself is a tool of consciousness expansion. “Yellow Submarine” respectable immerses the viewer into their hitherto unexplored depths of his own “I”, representing this same “I” thing much prettier than she actually is. View this cartoon with amazing regularity causes adult viewers long sessions samoumileniya – such, which does not achieve doping.

4. The most touching – “Bambi”
Directed by David Hand 1942
Steven Spielberg called “Bambi” most slezovyzhimatelnym film of all time. The American Film Institute has ranked the image of man – not visually represented on the screen, but carrying death and destruction in the forest world – to the list of “Fifty major kinonegodyaev” along with the shark from “Jaws” and Hannibal Lector. And the image of a young deer, Bambi without lists and Film Institute has become a symbol of all pure and wonderful, and therefore in need of protection from the wild innocence before the girlish innocence.

Walt Disney released the animated feature “Bambi” in 1942. The plot is quite accurately reproduces the plot of the book of Felix Salta “Bambi. Life in the Woods.” Lovers of historical and other matches will appreciate the fact that Disney was an outspoken anti-Semite and Salta – religious Jew, and all of his books, including the story of a fawn, had been banned by Hitler in 1936. But in the cartoon are no ambiguities are not available. Here Disney clearly not worried about national problems, and the task of making animated images as realistic as possible. Artists of his studio and listened to lectures zoologists hours watching animals in the Los Angeles Zoo. Perhaps that is why the animated animals in “Bambi” is not so similar to humans, as they are usually characteristic.

5. The most otherworldly – “The Nightmare Before Christmas”
Directed by Henry Selick, 1993
Cartoon-musical scenario and in accordance with established images of Tim Burton did Henry Selick – Barton himself while engaged in the blockbuster “Batman Returns.” As a result of the “Nightmare” has turned out absolutely bartonovsky project with this peculiar mixture of makabra director and touching. Rotten – how typical of many offspring Barton – first at the box office, the film later spawned a cult, and now even classified as a “Christmas Classics”. That is, took place somewhere near the “Life is Beautiful” by Frank Capra, which would never get any big-budget “The Polar Express” with all sorts of digitized volumes of Hanks. Scary smile Pumpkins Jack Lord, who tried to change his fate, now adorns a lot of bags and T-shirts of those young creatures who want to make it clear to the world that they are not as simple as it seems. While coming up with Jack Barton clearly not philosophize. He repeated what he wants to say always. What a terrible and deadly life-perfect – close relatives.

In Russia, this cartoon was recently voiced by well-known musicians: Alex Kortnevym, Nikolay Fomenko, a group of “Time Machine” and others. No strashnosti nor is perfectly “Nightmare” is not added.

6. The easiest – “Pro mole”
Directed by Zdenek Miller, 1954
Going from 1954 Czech animated series “Pro mole” – in a sense, a masterpiece of minimalism. And the form – he deliberately painted “flat” and sparingly. And the content of – mole there it (though not blind). And this naive animal and rational. Enveloping the viewer their innumerable series, cartoon makes him fall (or, if you want to sit up) to Krotovskaya philosophical level. This land sighted mole sees good and right, and all the evil and negative believes the result of random error. And life, meanwhile, continually throws up his Bible, or rather, Tolstoy, the truth: here Mole wasted dangle all over the world for medicinal herbs for the sick Mouse and returning, is right next to the hole healing chamomile bush.

7. Most English – “Wrong Trousers”
Directed by Nick Park 1993
Of course, it’s not just about these pants – “an important component of the modern life style, techno-trousers, designed by NASA – are indispensable for lovers walk” – and of all the cartoons about Wallis and Gromit, including even most of them a successful feature film about Rabbit-werewolf.

Wallis and Gromit – perhaps the most British of all cartoon characters. Inventions Wallis ambiguously refer to the Lewis Carroll (and the bed Service, which sleeps hero Nick Park, featured in one of the books of Alice). The dog Gromit, repeatedly surpassing his master’s ingenuity – a tribute to the famous British sobakolyubiyu, which, of course, would not be surprised to see that the dog is reading the newspaper or a novel Dostoevsky Bobik “Crime and Punishment”.

Wallis and Gromit in particular inserted into the most highbrow contexts – sign language, inherent in this multsobake, made, for example, to link with the plastic genius of silent films of Buster Keaton. But the charm of Nick Park’s films not intellectualism (surely available), and in true English comfort and self-irony. Quality, perhaps more any nations not tamed.

8. The most scandalous – “South Park”
Authors Trey Parker and Matt Stone, 1997
Like many other things, the famous “South Park” came from a joke: two University of Colorado student for fun painted cartoon short “against Jesus Claus.” With a completely politically incorrect humor and zany characters. This hack caught the eye of the chief of the company FOX, who also did not treat it seriously. He just asked to make for your friends New Year’s video reel. The result was the second series – “Jesus vs. Satan”, in which the two issued in the name of the character fought and argued with each other over who has more to do with the holiday of Christmas. Video reel computers spread across the whole world, became an underground hit, and soon came to light a full series.

The idea of “South Park” – in the game with all sorts of taboos and topical news, in which the heroes of the cartoon involved with the most innocent expression. To get a hand in the “South Park” – means to become truly popular. Like Paris Hilton (episode ” ‘video stupid whore”), as the film “The Passion of the Christ” (episode “The Passion of the Jews”), Saddam Hussein (episode “Christmas in Canada,” featured three days before Saddam Hussein was captured in real life). Another powerful track that “South Park” has left in modern culture – the phrase “They killed Kenny!”. This desperate cry, referring to the hero, which killed almost every episode, now knows, it seems, everyone.

9. The most reliable – “Beavis and Butthead”
Author Mike Judge, the first show in 1993
Doubtful as of 1981 the idea to launch a paid non-stop music channel turned not only a powerful commercial success. Through MTV has several hitherto unprecedented cultural phenomena – from the musical recitative vidioklipa Bran, erected program “Yo MTV Raps!” To the legal status of art. And within the MTV series “Beavis and Butt-head” was created.

Why did he become so wildly popular, explained in general is not difficult. Animator Mike Judge just showed MTV viewers themselves – in caricature, but still quite authentic form. All this is, “How do you think, and it will give us?” – This is really the most pressing problems of experiencing the difficulties of puberty rock music fans. No dissonance with courageous clips Beavis and Butthead, browsing them, lounging on the couch, in any case did not cause. And at the end of its five-year (1993–1997) activity guys were among the most prominent representatives of the modern youth culture. And then created a furore in Russia – on the run in 1998, the Russian MTV was not popular program.

10. The most difficult – “Pokemon”
The chief director Yuyama Kyunihiko, 1998


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Pokemon – is a pocket monsters, heroes of a very successful series of video games, existing since 1996. This series has now become more complicated to strangeness – to understand the description of a world in which there are Pokémon, the common man from the ground will be very difficult. And in general, the definition of Pokémon is: “Being who train for combat with each other Pokémon Trainers Pokémon capable of evolution is actually a metamorphosis into a completely new state.”. That is Pokemon – is a variety of characters associated with each other only a tradition of anime design.

These unclear whom, the heroes “Pokemon” in the nine years of the animated series invented an incredible amount of (today they number 493, new Pokémon appear in each new series). And the most famous Pokemon Pikachu – quite a full and perhaps the most recognizable representative of Japanese culture. In general, the Pokemon are consistent with Zen philosophy – cartoons are made clear from whom, it is not clear what to do, but can inspire their classes are millions of people.

11. The most fantastic – “Lord of time”
Directed by René Laloux 1982
This animated feature in 1982 removed former psychiatrist René Laloux. At the time, he said: “We must not show a prompt Cinema today is for the most part only shows and is a paranoid-dictatorship movie And we need a movie schizophrenic…” Lalu took only two full-length animated film, one of which – “Lord of time” – unexpectedly fell in the Soviet hire and became a very big hit. In general, the cartoon and the truth is quite schizophrenic.

A boy named Pel is one of the planet Perdido, inhabited by evil giant hornets. His father could not get out of a strange six-wheel, like a large insect unit, and one boy have to wait for reinforcements in the shelter. Help must come in their face friend named Jaffar, but on the way to his capture Perdido strange white-faced angels. When Jaffar is still selected from the captivity, Perdido already captured Time Masters and moved to sixty years into the future, where the boy meets himself at the age of sixty. Just Another Teen history (behind “Lord of time” Lalu made a cartoon based on Isaac Asimov’s script), and almost the most impressive animated picture eighties.

12. Our most – “Hedgehog in the Fog”
Director Yuri Norstein 1975
A common point of view: the best cartoon of all time – that “Hedgehog in the Fog”. Official confirmation of this was given in 2003, when a survey of 150 animators from around the world this particular cartoon was named best animated film of all time. Concerning what cartoon is really the best, there are other points of view, but can not agree with the fact that nobody, except the Russian animator Yuri Norstein, could not be reached in ten-and quite formal children’s cartoons such an adult and quite philosophical enlightenment.

In fact, it turned Norstein distill, show beyond any context was the usual emotions and feelings – fear, curiosity, despair, joy. It is not important where and to whom it happens, it is important to convey a sense stunning authenticity. It just so happens that in the cartoon it fell to the Hedgehog, Bear, Owl, dogs and horses. In this sense, “Hedgehog in the Fog” and not a cartoon at all, and a working model of the world, Fitting Your ten minutes of animated animator Yuri Norshtein.