11 great things to do with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro

11 great things to do with Touch Bar on MacBook Pro


The new MacBook Pro touch function keys are replaced Touch Bar display.Learn how to use it to save time when performing the usual operations.


1. Talk with the help of Emoji


Emoji can be called a universal language. With the new MacBook Pro, you will not be limited in the use of his vocabulary. Click on the smiley, located on the Touch Bar, and you’ll get a whole list of emotionally charged characters that are available on your phone. And yes, the developers have not forgotten about your Favorite smilies Poo.

2. Easily navigate the downloaded images


If you are tired of constantly seek out the photo you want to open and close the image on the computer, Touch Bar solve your problem. Once you open the photo in the folder “Images” will be highlighted all the latest images you made on the display. It remains to choose the photo you want – it will immediately appear on the big screen.

3. Monitor Video


Touch Bar allows you to comfortably manage not only photos, but also video. Thanks to him, you can quickly rewind the movie or video and put it on pause. The trick does not work with players such as BBC iPlayer and Netflix, but the problem is only a matter of time.

4. Think twice before you buy


Touch ID makes any purchase process much easier and faster, and Apple cares about is that you do not throw your money away. Every time your finger is touching the ID panel, Touch Bar remind you of the amount to which you are about to be parted again. wont think twice before you buy something you will soon!

5. Quickly sort through tabs


For most people, when surfing the Internet, there is one problem: an infinite number of open tabs. To go back to the right, often have to go through them all, it takes time. Safari Browser in tandem with Touch Bar easily eliminates this inconvenience: page images open tabs will now be in front of you.

6. Stack, divide, multiply


Calculator – the invention of the last century. But it is unlikely it will ever be irrelevant. Touch Bar several simplify the calculator use: all the mathematical operations you can perform quickly and without the Shift and Command.

7. Travel Time


Surely you long thumbed through “Calendar” to find out whether you have planned some activities, for example, on January 10. Entering the “Calendar” on the new MacBook Pro, you’ll see the labels of months, weeks, and the numbers on the Touch Bar. Check your schedule on any given day can now be just a fraction of a second.

8. Format the table without the hassle


Often difficult to combine multiple tables that use different input methods. Now, when you are in Number app, an interactive panel will offer you instant formatting commands that greatly simplify your work.

9. Become a DJ


Perhaps this is one of the functions for which it was created and Touch Bar. We all love to listen to music on the laptop, but the need to always include off-track iTunes for change annoying. Problem solved. The new MacBook Pro feature enables you to make absolutely all operations with the music on the spot: adjust the volume, select a track to add songs to the playlist.

10. Use the color spectrum


Touch Bar allows you to quickly and easily change the color of the text. Simply select the required letters and press the colored button with an “A” on the panel. She immediately turn into a spectrum of colors, which you can quickly select the desired hue.

11. Return the old functionality


Think, Touch Bar left last function keys? Not at all. You can always adjust the bar to your liking. And if you are so important to be able to quickly change the screen brightness, backlight and volume, then you should know: Apple has not forgotten about you.