The fisherman never imagined that the pearl he had stored 10 years ago was worth 100 million dollars, he thought was an amulet.

He kept it under the bed for 10 years and it was the biggest and expensive pearl in the world but he did not know it. He found it by chance while sailing in the Philippines, he thought it was an amulet against bad luck. However, I had no idea, but the pearl is worth 100 million dollars. He is a fisherman of the Philippine island of Palawan and assured that it was an amulet against the evil spirits. The pearl measures 67 centimeters in length, 30 in width and weighs 43 kilos.The name of the pesacador is not known but it is known that he found him 10 years ago and pure luck. During a storm, he threw the anchor into the sea and it got stuck in what he thought was a stone but in truth it was a giant clam. And the pearl was inside the animal. OH MY!He kept it for years until recently the cabin caught fire and the only thing that survived was the gem. An officer of Puerto Princesa on the island, saw it and took it to analyze, that’s when they discovered its enormous value. To this day it is the largest pearl in the world. The previous one was the pearl of Lao Tzu that weighed 6.4 kilos and was worth 35 million dollars. 1