Most of you know for sure that he can use mail and thoroughly knows all Gmail features. But perhaps you do not know a few secrets that can save time and facilitate the work with the mail.


Many people use multiple mailboxes to separate business and private correspondence. In this case it is convenient to check all of your accounts from a single interface. Make it will feature “Additional folders”, which will display the mail from each of the connected box in a separate folder in the “Inbox”. To activate this feature, you can in your Gmail settings in the section “Laboratory”.

1. Turn on additional folders

1If you are working with people living in different time zones, the Boomerang will send emails at a time when they read. You simply write your message, and then specify the time it is sent, and everything else does this clever extension.


2. Use the Boomerang for delayed sending letters

“Laboratory” – a special section in your Gmail e-mail service settings. Here are collected the experimental features that are still being tested. You must carefully study all the possibilities available here, because many of them are really useful.

3. Make revision Gmail «Laboratory»


If you have ever used the service Trello seem very inconsistent , then you know how convenient it is arranged. All the information in it is written in the form of individual cards, which are organized into several thematic columns. Expansion Sortd brings the same organization of working space in Gmail.

4. Turn the letters in the card using Sortd


If you need an address to register for any service or mailing list, you can not use your primary email address, and derived from it. The fact that Gmail allows to add to your postal address any word with the sign “+” and use it to retrieve mail. Thus it is possible to divide the letters in your work and personal or adjust the effective protection against spam.

5. Use the additional e-mail addresses


Like many other Google products, Gmail has a lot of keyboard shortcuts to help you much more quickly to do their job. You can see them all by simply clicking a button with a question mark on your keyboard. Select several operations that use often, and try to memorize the corresponding keyboard shortcuts . The effect will exceed all your expectations.

6. Learn the keyboard shortcuts


Sometimes it happens that immediately after pressing the button, you send a message with horror remember that you forgot to indicate important information or attach a file. To avoid such situations, there is a function in Gmail “Undo Send”. Activate it in the options of the service, and specify how many seconds should delay sending the letter.

7. Activate the cancellation of sending a letter


This feature will come in handy in case you need to temporarily mute too active correspondent. After pressing it all emails from that contact are no longer displayed in the “Inbox” folder, but you can always find them and view by typing in the search query string the label: the mute . User can unlock again if desired.

8. Use the “Ignore”


Experimental: “Canned Responses” allows you to quickly reply to emails by using pre-created blank. It may be useful to you in case you get a lot of letters, which are necessary to give approximately the same formal response. You can find and activate this function in the section “Laboratory» Gmail settings.

9. zagotovte canned responses


The new service from Google is designed to completely change the usual kind of post. Inbox has a simple and user-friendly interface, as well as a number of advanced features that let you automate mail. Among the most popular include the possibility to hide the letters of a predetermined time period and auto replies by using artificial intelligence.

10. Try Inbox