With surprising regularity to the youth forums there are threads which read: “I meet with a young man half a year or two, it feels good, but I do not understand whether he loves me, help me, what to do?”

How to determine whether a young man loves you? To do this, you need to analyze your relationship, remember how it behaves in your presence.

Accordingly, how to understand that he does not love you?
There are some signs by which it is possible to learn.

A man in love can be recognized by such signs:

1. In your presence he begins to perk: correct clothing and tie, smooth hair, straightens his shoulders and seemed to become taller.
2. A man listens carefully to you and is trying to fulfill your request.
3. Man seeking a meeting with you and – important! – Appoints a date. If you tell him “Maybe we meet?” And he replies, “Well, come on” – you assign it a meeting with him, and he just does not deny. Many of the girls is a development interpreted as a call from the man’s initiative. Nonsense. Do not deceive yourself.
4. Men are more likely than it should be, you will come across on the eyes.
5. If a man is interested in meeting in the first place in your affairs, and does not seek to talk about their.
6. The man happy to assist you.
7. A man wants to introduce you to friends and parents.
8. The man, speaking about yourself and you use the pronoun “we.”
9. A man is discussing with you future plans, and these plans are attending you.
10. In your presence, a man transformed, his eyes appear some special interest and zeal, his eyes burning, man turns inspiration.

The signs by which one can understand that a man does not love you:

1. He does not seek a meeting with you. Everything happens as if by itself, but, in general, if we analyze your visits, the initiative is always (or most of) you.
2. It does not have highlights from other women. You do not feel you, he pays more attention and care.
3. At the meeting you for a long time to listen to his problems and circumstances, it is a long time tells you what repairs does his mother, but your problems and circumstances do not cause his interest, he listens to you as a courtesy.
4. He tells you about his plans for the future, but you do not hear the phrase “We are with you”, “We are together”, etc. You in his plans not.
5. During your visits to the young man calls his mother, sister, friend, and he was quietly talking with them for a long time, causing you to miss.
6. If in a similar situation he calls Mom and void sumnyashesya he leaves you for the reason that “the mother urgently need to outweigh the shelf.”
7. Man “pulls the rubber.” It seems, and maintains relations, but also in no hurry to develop them. In this case, he probably either looking at you as a friend, with whom you can discuss your problems or keeps you what is called a “reserve”. Not the best option for family life.
8. Whenever you are trying to find out what he thinks about the future of your relationship, you hear the phrase “I’m not sure,” “I will look for a girl who will suit me,” and especially you should alert the phrase “All Depends on You” – it means that he does not assume any responsibility for your future and offers you to prove that you deserve it. Agree to love a little similar. The phrase “I’m afraid to mess up your life” does not mean that the man is so kind to you. He is not afraid of life you ruin a life, and afraid that he would have to marry you. As they say smart people – if you want to understand what a man wants, do not listen to what he says. We need to understand what he wants to say.
9. A man is in no hurry to introduce you or your friends or with their parents, even if you ask for it. If you go around the city and meet his friends, pay attention to how it is you have to them, “Lena” and “My Girl”? Or do you forget to submit? Was he embarrassed by the fact that you have met together?
10. He often tells you about their past and present girlfriends, not being afraid to cause you pain.

Finally, and most importantly – from scratch such issues do not arise, and if one day you asked them yourself, then your relationship is something wrong.