With an easy-expander tape can stretch the whole body is good. Here are 10 exercises to work out the shoulders, chest, back and legs.


Elastic tape-expander there exists in almost every gym. If you prefer to study at home, you can buy it at the store sports equipment. It stands within a thousand rubles.

Expanders vary in thickness and the applied load. The thicker the belt, the more difficult it will be to do the exercises. As a rule, it depends on the load and the color ribbons. For example, green corresponds to 34-45 kg.

The elastic force of the expander allows to stretch the body smoothly and quietly, without jerking. But due to the different thickness of rubber bands can be achieved effectively stretch effortlessly. I mean, you do not have to push, or a bucket to keep your body weight on your hands.

So, here are 10 exercises for quality hitch.

1. Stretching the shoulders

This exercise helps to stretch the shoulder muscles and increase the mobility of the shoulder joints. In principle, it is possible to do it with a stick or a towel, but with a rubber band is more convenient.


Grasp the tape so that the distance between the brushes was a little wider than shoulder width, arms straight and move back, and then back, forward. When the hands are above the head, lift your shoulders before moving them back. It will be easier.

The closer your hands on an elastic band, the better.

2. Stretching the shoulders and back muscles

This exercise allows you to stretch the infraspinatus muscle, big and small round muscles, serratus anterior, latissimus dorsi.

For him, you need not only a band, but also stand on which to fix the tape.

Throw gum at the elbow, turn your back and slide his hand behind his head. The palm of the hand rests on the stretchable elastic and slightly presses on it. Second hand press lightly on the arm, increasing the voltage.


Tilt body forward, to step up the voltage.

3. Stretching the trapezius muscle

For this exercise, select the tape with the minimum load. Step on the middle of the gums and take it inside the capture. So it will be easier to stretch.


Now straighten up and gently direct the neck to the opposite side of the gums.Adjust the angle of the head: hand, pull it to the side and forward, sideways and backward.4

4. Stretching the pectoral muscles

Simple and effective exercise for stretching the chest muscles. Cling rubber band, takes over her with one hand, lower arm and deploy a little body

You can do this exercise simply by leaning his hand against the wall, but with expanders is much more convenient.

5. Stretching lat

Grasp the gum, lower straight body parallel to the floor and make a small step to the side, curving back. During the stretch the broadest and large round back muscles.


6. Stretching the hamstrings

This exercise is useful to anyone who wants to do the splits. It stretches thehamstrings and back thighs.

Hook the rubber band over the foot and drag forward, holding her hands. Keep your back straight and bend your knees.


7. Stretch adductors

If you want to sit on the cross twine, without stretching the adductors can not do. With rubber band to make it more convenient than with a foot on the platform: the elastic force Expander provides smooth swinging, so you can adjust the tension without jerks.

First sprinkles Expander loop on the foot. Then crank the other end of the back and pull the arm.


Then lie on your back and pull the leg to the side.9

Next, pull the hand, lie on your back and pulling his leg in the opposite direction.


Next, pull the hand, lie on your back and pulling his leg in the opposite direction.


The higher the leg muscles are stretched so much the better. I advise you to start with a light gum, a rather complex exercise.

9. Stretch the iliopsoas muscle

For this exercise, you also need a rack to secure the tape. Put the gum on the leg as high as possible, so that it rested against the groin. Foot on which the expander, take a step back and dropped to one knee. Angle bowed legs should be straight and blunt, so that all turn out.

Twist your pelvis forward while tensing the press.


You should feel tension in the muscles, marked with blue arrows in the image below.13
If voltage is not present, try to move the leg with a rubber band on back, pelvis to twist more than forward and upward and stretch the press.

I made a banner with the foot, freely lying on the floor, but you can try other positions. For example, turn out stack or conversely inside. Depending on the position of the foot stretch different muscle groups.

10. Stretch adductors

This exercise must have liked me the most. Very nice to carry it out, and you can adjust the tension by picking up gum with a different load.
Simply sprinkles Expander loop on foot and try to uncover the legs as wide as possible, and in this you will gum helps. If there is no load, take the gum thicker or lean forward.


So with the help of elastic tape-expander can perfectly stretch the muscles after a workout.