Your home – your life. Home confusion harmful to women’s health. After all the centuries of patriarchy, to be honest, it is strange that you do still do not understand.

So gather and organize house-cleaning. And I will share with you valuable tips on how to do away with the thankless chore and get rid of household garbage to the end of your days.

1) Divide all on three piles: things you need to keep, things to throw, and the things that can be sacrificed.

Now pour them with gasoline and set fire.

2) Do not pay the cleaning company: hire a thief, and he cleaned house.

3) Leave the house at midnight, taking only the children and whiskey.

And start a new life in a new city.

4) Throw away all that you are not happy.

Include your teen, husband and all pants with zippers.

5) Put all your belongings into the boat and arrange the funeral in the spirit of the Vikings – ignite and send it to the sea.

6) Do not get out! Desolation should reach the point where your family will submit an application to participate in the reality show. Professionals will come and all will be removed.

Get rollback and enjoy money.

7) Bardak – not a problem, the problem is that we see it.

Remove the eyes by surgery and no longer see.

8) If the surgery you can not afford Makhno glass or two and do not pay attention to the mess.

So live.

9) Remember the house from the movie “Stand up!”?

I do not know if this will help, but it seems to me to buy 4 million balloons would be easier than to get out in the nursery now.

10) Do not get out. These mountains – your feminist protest.

Say house that washing hills minefields Lego and rock inscriptions markers on the walls – an art installation. If they dare to roll her eyes, burst into tears and shouts: “My art – this is my life!”