10 basic exercises that should be included in every workout

10 basic exercises that should be included in every workout


These classic exercises with its own weight will help bring the body in order without simulators.


Little time? The maximum number of push-ups to pump all the muscles in your body. When the exercise is done properly , it affects not only the arms and chest, and the muscles of the body, and press down.

Push ups


There is nothing easier than to climb up one step. But if you do it a few dozen times, the breathing quickened and poured lead foot.

Ups on a step


This exercise is not very suitable for strength training, but it is useful as a warm-up. It allows you to quickly warm up and stretch the back muscles, the body, the legs, so follow it before starting the main workout.

Jumping in emphasis lying


You want to have a figure of the superhero? Then turn this exercise into your training plan! It intensely affects the arms, legs, abs and body. Yes, all right!



Jumping is an indispensable exercise for those athletes who want to develop the explosive force of their muscles. A great way to increase the speed, agility and coordination.

Long jump


One of the best complex of exercises of all time. It replaces a few simple movements. Here you and push-ups, and jumping and squats – in short, everything you need at once.



This exercise is designed for advanced athletes who have not impress the simple push-ups. Try to stand in a handstand, consistently stepping up the wall feet. When well-mastered this movement, you can try the vertical push-ups.

Walking in handstand


This exercise – one of the few that is used as a complication of the entire weight of your body. Maybe that’s why people are given it is very difficult to overweight. What would be an additional incentive to lose weight!



Performing this exercise requires you to the perfect sense of balance, because the freeze in such an uncomfortable position, it turns out, is not easy. But as a result you will get a time with the coveted cubes on his stomach.

angle lying


The bridge on one leg


Use this movement when you are haunted by the pain in his lower back. It is remarkable that strengthens the muscles of the body, as a result of the spine gets more reliable support. If you make a bridge on one leg would be too complicated, you can use both at the beginning.